Lafayette School provides a comprehensive curriculum that stresses academic excellence for our diverse student population. We are a neighborhood school in the Outer Richmond District serving the community since 1927.

Developing Joyful Learners

Our mission is to develop joyful learners by providing them with support, encouragement, and challenges. We seek to inspire all students to become better individuals in life. We set high standards and strive to help our students become responsible and respectful citizens.

Pre-K Program

The on-site Pre-K program is for hearing-impaired students.

Kindergarten Program

Lafayette has four kindergarten classes taught by experienced and enthusiastic teachers. Although the teachers plan together to ensure that the classes cover the same curriculum, each teacher brings her unique personality and special skills to the classroom.

Art and Music

Students are exposed to art through a variety of programs.

Lafayette partners with city arts program, including the San Francisco Opera, San Francisco Symphony, and San Francisco Ballet. Through these amazing programs throughout the year, our students receive 4 to 8 weeks of hands on instruction in dance, theater, and music.

Each year, Lafayette students have the opportunity to participate in a professional musical production. Over the past years, the children have wowed the community with Annie, Willy Wonka, Jungle Book, and The Little Mermaid. All students who want to be in the production will have a part. The musical is run entirely by parents, from direction to set building to costume creation.

Students explore the city’s rich arts culture through field trips to SFMOMA, the De Young, the Jewish Contemporary Museum, the Asian Art Museum, the San Francisco Opera, Symphony, and Ballet, Legion of Honor, and other exciting venues.

Language Arts

The language curriculum is integrated into each classroom. Each teacher receives a stipend from the PTA to purchase books for their class libraries. Reading programs are individualized to each student. The Reading Buddy program partners older students with budding readers so both build self-confidence and reading skills. The school has a full-time librarian and an extensive library. Some classes go on field trips to 826 Valencia Writing Center, while others may invite a poet to work with the children to write and give poetry readings.

Computer Technology

Lafayette has a fully equipped, networked computer lab and a full-time technology instructor. Each classroom visits the computer lab twice a week. Each classroom has in-room computers as well as access to computer and tablet carts. In addition, most classrooms have integrated technology into daily instruction through Promethean boards, interactive boards, and ELMOs.

Math and Science

Lafayette is recognized nationally for our students’ accomplishments in Math and Science. Our Outdoor Education teacher runs programs for all grades. Our technology instructor ran the STEM program for the San Francisco Unified School District. At the popular annual Math Night, parents, teachers, and students participate in games. During Science Week, families are invited to experience the projects that each classroom has been working on throughout the year. Displays are set up in the hallways in front of each classroom and students are there to demonstrate their experiments, get hands on, and answer questions.  In our gardening program, each classroom maintaining plants, herbs and vegetables. Students are exposed to wonderful outdoor experiences through field trips to local farms, the Exploratorium, the San Francisco Botanical Gardens, the California Academy of Sciences, the San Francisco headlands, boating expeditions on the San Francisco Bay, and more.

Lafayette is fortunate to have an Education Outside teacher that uses our school garden to teach a science standards-based curriculum to Lafayette students. The goal is to get students excited about science and the environment by providing them with the opportunity to have a hands on learning experiences. Students have the opportunity to not only learn science, but they will also be taught lessons on nutrition, cooking, and gardening.

Building Character

Lafayette has a no bullying policy. Our students are taught from Grade K to work together to solve problems.  The school encourages communication and community through programs like Reading Buddies and Conflict Managers.


The Physical Education instructor collaborates with each classroom. Students are also exposed to a variety of programs including ballet, hip-hop, yoga, Perceptual Motor, and more. Students often put on a performance after these programs for the rest of the school. Fourth and fifth graders can try out for the champion Kickball team, which plays other schools. Many students create teams that participate in soccer, basketball, and baseball and other leagues throughout the city.

Special Education

  • Deaf/HH Magnet School (K-2, 3-5)
  • Designated Instructional Services
  • Inclusion K-5
  • Resource Specialist Program
  • Special Day Class/Hearing Impaired


At Lafayette, we have students representing 23 language groups. Teachers employ a multicultural curriculum that celebrates and honors the rich ethnic and cultural heritage that is representative of our student population and of the greater community in which we live. School-wide programs that honor our diversity include Multicultural Night, Lunar New Year Lion Dance, and Black History Month. Classes take field trips to the Jewish Contemporary Museum, Asian Art Museum, Chinatown, the Mission, Japantown, and other cultural hot spots.


We value the involvement of parents and families in our school. The PTA sponsors school-wide activities to support student learning, build community, and create joy. These activities include the Reflections Art Contest, Autumn Carnival, Halloween Carnival and Parade, Spell-a-Thon, Book Fair, School Play, Silent Auction and the End of Year Picnic.