School Site Council

Our School Site Council is made up of administrators, teachers, faculty, parents and community members. Our goal is to develop and refine Lafayette School’s vision, align structures and initiatives with this vision, and then prioritize actions to support these structures and school initiatives to move our school forward. In this process our School Site Council uses a working document called a Balanced Score Card to identify areas of need in our school and develop action plans to address these areas of need. The Balanced Score Card is divided into four main sections: challenging curriculum and engaging instruction, student-centered learning environment, college and career readiness, and parent-school-community ties.

Current School Site Council

Josh Bagley – Parent
Ed Farmer – Teacher
David Klein – Parent
Gina Martinez – Teacher
Edith Salvatore – Parent
Matthew Silvey – Parent
Sheri Sitkoff – Teacher
Wynnie Wong – Parent

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Each year, the SSC hosts two evening planning sessions for all parents to solicit input and prioritize goals for the School Site Plan. The plan is based on the budget received by the school district. Please check the school calendar to find out when these meetings will be held.

The SSC members are elected in the fall and serve a two-year term. If you are interested in running for the SSC, please contact the Principal. A separate communication listing the SSC members for Lafayette will be sent out after school begins.