We could still use some help with the upcoming Outside Lands Parking Fundraiser. We are looking really good and have quite a bit of sign-ups already. Just a few more open spots to fill, mostly later in the day, and we will be ready to go.

This is one of our biggest, and easiest, fundraisers of the year. Please consider signing up for a shift and help us to raise much needed funds for our school. Last year we raised *$16,000.00 which funded our Outdoor Science teacher for the entire year!

The event takes place next weekend, *Friday, August 5th – Sunday, August 7th from 10am – 11pm*. Sign up with a friend or meet someone new. It’s EASY! You do NOT have to park any cars. All you have to do is collect money and hand out a valet ticket. THAT’S IT!

Sign up here:


Darlene​ Bagley and Chris Smith
Parking Fundraiser Co-Chairs