After School Enrichment (Spring 2018)

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Detailed information for each of our classes

1) Mandarin (M1-M2) , 2nd semester class for current students only – Download Enrollment Form

Day/Time: Monday through Thursday  2-3pm

Fee: $650/Semester

Qiao Ji Mandarin after school provides an excellent progressive language learning in a fun and nurturing environment. We teach students using a basic Pin Yin system systematically developing reading, writing as well as speaking Mandarin. Our Mandarin teaching program integrates project-based cultural celebrations with hands on classroom learning. All of our Qiao Ji Mandarin instructors are native speakers experienced in teaching Mandarin and working with children. We are committed to building a solid foundation of life-time learning in Chinese for our kids.

This Mandarin program is a 4 day a week program. The idea is that students enrolled will stay for the entire year as the program is based on an academic curriculum that builds on skills learned in previous lessons. So unlike other enrichment afterschool programs (i.e., Lego, chess, etc.), There will therefore be no option to enroll new students during the second semester as new students will already have missed language skills learned in the first semester.

Sign up/Questions: or You can also call Jane Kwok at: 415-533-8477; or Wei Liu at: 415-680-5465


2)  Chess (K-5th) – Download Flyer

Day/Time: Tuesday 2-3pm

Fee: $224/semester ($14/class)

We are devoted to promoting the merits of chess among children by using stories, dances, and catchy songs to make the game of chess exciting and easy to understand.

Sign up: or pick up form in school office and make check payable to “Academic Chess”
Questions: or call 415-412-4040

3)  Capoeira – Download Flyer

Wednesday 2-3pm (1st-2nd)
Friday 2-3pm (3rd-5th)

Wednesday – $225 ($15/class)
Friday – $210

Capoeira is an African Brazilian art form, developed by African slaves in Brazil about 400 years ago. Capoeira is a self-defense disguised as a dance because slaves needed to hide it from their slave masters.  The combination of body movements, trickery, music, and songs make it not just a martial art, but also a ritualized way of combat. Two capoeiristas (capoeira players) must follow the traditions and rules of the art. They must play capoeira, not fight.

Capoeira helps people of all ages develop self-esteem, coordination, rhythm, strength, flexibility, and collaborative skills. It incorporates physical movement and awareness, self-expression, discipline, community, musicality, and the Portuguese language.

Jarrel “Chumbinho” Phillips is the founder of AVE (Access Via Exposure) and has 15+ years of experience in youth work in the San Francisco Bay Area and a B.A in Child and Adolescent Development. Also a SF native, Phillips work is dedicated to investing in young people and healthy communities. Phillips trains and teaches under the guidance of Mestre Urubu Malandro, founder of Capoeira Ijexa.

Sign Up:
Questions: or call 415-350-2222

*Note – No classes during week of the musical, 3/21 and 3/23

4)  Coding Club (3rd-5th)

Day/Time: Friday 2-3:15pm

Fee: Free

Class size: max 25

Coding is taught by our STEM teacher, Ms. Tong.  Students will be programming using Scratch through Google’s CS First curriculum.  They will also have opportunities to code with other programs. Advanced students may work on any ongoing projects begun in Scratch, Code Academy, Khan Academy or others.

Sign up:


5)  Rhythm + MVMNT  (Open to all levels K-1st) – Download Flyer

Day/Time: Tuesday 2-3pm

Fee: $180 ($15/class)

Class Size: min 3, max 10

*Note – no classes 1/30, 2/6, 2/13, 3/6 (conference), 3/20, (musical), 3/26 (spring break)

The class focuses on creative movement using rhythmic exploration, multicultural storytelling, and gymnastics.

Christine Joy Amagan Ferrer (AKA Tine) is the the founder of Eyes Opened MVMNT, Media + Design and editor of the She is a cultural movement arts practitioner and a multi-disciplinary creative. She grew up in San Francisco’s Ingleside district and graduated from San Francisco State University in 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts dual degree in journalism and dance; emphasis in teaching. She’s had the privilege of working with youth at various community spaces in San Francisco including AcroSports, Dance Mission Theater, Mission Cultural Center, AVE, Jamestown Community Center, and Bayview Association for Youth. She continues to study Haitian, Philippine, and Afro-Brazilian Folkloric dance and is a member of Parangal Dance Company.

Sign up:


6)  AcroDance (Open to all levels 2nd-5th)

Day/Time: Friday 2-3pm

Fee: $180 ($15/class)

Class Size: min 3, max 10

*Note – no classes 2/2, 2/9, 2/16 (lunar new year), 3/9 (conference), 3/23 (musical), 3/30 (spring break)

AcroDance is a multi-cultural gymnastics and dance class inspired by folkloric dances of Haiti, Brazil, Philippines and more. The class also incorporates creative movement, live drumming and self-expression through students own choreography.

Sign up:


7)  Chef Lamia Cooking (K-5th) – Download Flyer

Day/Time: Thursday 2-3:15pm

$260+$110 Ingredients fee ($23/class)
20% off returning students

Class Size: min 7, max 16

Kids learn to create farm-to-table meals from scratch, to make healthy food choices, to understand food science, and to adopt food safety habits.

Hands on class menus include cooking classes, aprons, ingredients and material.

Lessons incorporate new culinary techniques, exploration of international cuisines, and expansion of the palate.

*** Organic ingredients used as much as possible ***

Chef Lamia is a private chef, pastry chef manager, and cooking instructor in San Francisco. She enjoys sharing her passion of food with her students, learning the science behind food, and the importance of eating healthy. Using only organic and fresh ingredients, Chef Lamia challenges you to discover new flavors and to expand your palate.

Sign up and questions: or call 415-971-5259

8)  NEW – Tinker Your Future with Renegade Kids – Download Flyer

Thursday 2-3pm (K-5 Boys)
Friday 2-3pm (K-5 Girls)

Thursday – $352 ($22/class)
Friday – $330

Class Size: min 6, max 18

It’s Career Day for Renegades. What might the future hold? We explore a myriad of professions with science, technology, engineering and math foundations. What kinds of scientists are there? What is a tech worker? Our Renegades will explore fields they may not know existed, and others they may be curious about.

Future biomedical engineers build a prosthetic limb. Budding chemists mix polymers to create resin shapes. We investigate how physics and engineering come together to create a zip line for a theme park.

Sign up:


9)  NEW – Music Around the World (K-2nd) with Blue Bear Music – Download Flyer

Day/Time: Thursday 2-3pm

Fee: $195/8 weeks

Class Size: min 6, max 10

In Music Worldwide, the students get a bit of a culture lesson along with their music! Whether it’s hearing ragas from India, flamenco music from Spain, or Irish folk music and dancing, the kids will see, hear, play and experience music and its corresponding culture worldwide!

A wide range of community programs stem from Blue Bear’s desire to revitalize music learning via popular music genres. Our commitment to social equity through teaching popular music (rock, blues, urban, world) and making it accessible to greater numbers of youth in our community, has been part of the Blue Bear culture for more than 44 years.  Our classes address California Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) and national Music Educator National Conference (MENC) standards.

Sign up:

Questions: or call  415-336-5320

*Class runs for 8 weeks from 4/5/2018-5/24/2018

10)  NEW –  Perform Like a Pop Star! (3rd-5th) with Blue Bear Music – Download Flyer

Day/Time: Monday 2-3pm

Fee: $195/8 weeks

Class Size: min 6, max 10

For the up-and-coming super star, try Sing Like a Pop-Star! Students will learn how to sing pop songs from artists like Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. In addition to solo and group singing, students will work on simple movement and dance routines. Those with instrumental musical skills can play along and add to the mix! This class can often incorporate a performance as the final class.   

Sign up:

Questions: or call  415-336-5320

* Class runs for 8 weeks from 4/2/2018-5/21/2018

11) Lafayette Social Justice Club – hosted by RDNC

Day/Time: Friday 2-3pm
Fee: Free (suggested donation of $30.00 for supplies is optional but not required)
Class Size: min 4, max 20 – Priority given to students enrolled in the RDNC after school program, but all are welcome

The Lafayette Social Justice Club will bring together up to 20 Lafayette students to explore the issue of food insecurity and hunger in our community. The main goal of this club is to promote inclusion, community building in our school, and social justice awareness and empowerment in our students.

Students will learn about the causes and effects of unequal access to healthy food, which community members are most at risk of being food insecure, and how government and nonprofits organizations are attempting to address the problem.  The one-hour meetings will include interactive activities, read alouds, guided research, video clips and (optional) Tuesday (at Lafayette school) or Thursday (at RDNC on 30th Avenue between Balboa & Anza) service shifts with the RDNC food pantry. As the students progress through the class, special attention will be paid to cultivating empathy for community members living with chronic hunger, and social responsibility for contributing to a more fair and just community. The club will culminate with the students engaging in a local advocacy project!  

Sign up:


12)  Art classes @ Creative IQ – 3423 Balboa Street – Download Flyer

Art Smart (K-1st) @ Creative IQ3423 Balboa Street

Tuesday 2-3pm
Thursday 2-3pm (more times available, see website)

Fee: $198/11 classes

Class Size: min 2, max 8

This course is designed to introduce young students to fine art concepts while developing drawing skills and exploring different types of mediums. Pencil, Charcoal, Oil Pastels, Watercolor, Acrylic & Low Fire Clays. All supplies included.

Drawing and Oil Painting (2nd-5th) @ Creative IQ

Wednesday 2-4pm or 4:30-6:30pm (more times available, see website)

Fee: $374/11 classes

Class Size: min 4, max 12

With an emphasis on drawing and oil painting, these classes are designed to teach and develop students overall drawing skills, painting technique and artistic creativity. Students learn fine art concepts, such as color theory, composition, value, and perspective. Oil Paint, Pencil, Charcoal, Pastels, Watercolor, Acrylic & Low Fire Clays. All supplies included.

Located on Balboa & 36th Avenue in San Francisco, Creative IQ Art Studio offers art classes, camps and parties for all ages and all experience levels, as well as retail art supplies, a fine art gallery featuring talented local artists and a beautiful event venue!

With over 16 years experience working and teaching in the arts, owner, Suzie Ferras, was born and raised in San Francisco’s Richmond District and is very excited to have her small mom & pop art shop in the neighborhood and community in which she grew up!

*Pick up after school from Lafayette campus for the above classes available for a small fee of $2/per pick up.

Enrolling now.  Mention the “Newsletter” Discount Special when paying on the phone or in person to receive a 5% discount off all winter classes.  Classes for days and times may be added based on demand.  Visit website or call for details and to view complete class schedule.

Sign up:

Questions: or call 415-742-4274

Lafayette Elementary After School Enrichment Guidelines for Parents

ROLE OF THE PTA:  The Lafayette PTA aims to provide high quality after-school enrichment programs in which students are engaged in a safe and supportive environment.  The Lafayette PTA’s role is to facilitate the after-school enrichment program, help identify enrichment programs based on the needs and interests of the community, organize the schedule of the enrichment programs in accordance with classroom and provider availability, and assist with the communication between enrichment providers, parents, staff, and administration to ensure a smooth and positive experience for all.  Parents sign up for classes directly on the provider’s website or through email.  Specific questions about the classes, scheduling, requests for refunds, cancellations should be all addressed to the provider.  

PICKUPS: After school enrichment classes end at 3pm, 3:15pm or 3:30pm.  If students are enrolled in the YMCA or RDASC after-school program, they should immediately report to the YMCA or RDASC when the enrichment class is over.  Students not enrolled the YMCA or RDASC should be picked up within 10 minutes of the class end time.  Providers may charge a late fee for late pickups.  Please contact the after-school enrichment teacher directly if there is an emergency or if you will be late picking up.  Many after-school enrichment teachers have to go to other sites immediately after class so we ask that you respect their time.  Repeated late pick-ups may result in the dismissal of your child from the class, at the provider’s discretion.

ABSENCE: Parent/Guardians MUST notify providers directly of student’s absence via phone or email at least two hours before the start of class.  The school is not responsible for sharing this information with after-school providers. Continual unreported absences to the provider may result in removal from the program.

BEHAVIOR: Having after-school enrichment classes on campus and participating in after-school enrichment classes is a privilege.  Behavior expectations are the same as the school day. To ensure a positive after-school enrichment, Lafayette Elementary has partnered with our providers to reinforce the values and behaviors “Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe.” Inappropriate behavior will be handled in a manner that is consistent with Lafayette Elementary’s’ behavior plan:

  1. First misbehavior will result in the student being given a verbal warning, reminder, and chance for correction.
  2. Second misbehavior will result in the provider contacting the parents or guardians.
  3. Third misbehavior will result in the student being removed from the class and possibly losing privileges to return for the remainder of the session. The provider will notify the parents or guardians.  
  4. A serious discipline issue (e.g. a threat or actual physical harm to another child or teacher) will result in the immediate loss of the privilege to participate in the program for the remainder of the session as well as the following session.

NOTE: Refunds will not be issued in the event that a child loses the privilege of participating in the program.

STUDENTS REQUIRING EXTRA ATTENTION:  If your child receives extra adult assistance for academic instruction during the school day please note that extra assistance is not provided by SFUSD or the PTA during the after school classes.  In many cases, extra assistance isn’t necessary as many of the classes are not as academically oriented as the regular school day.  However, please consider the individual needs of your child and whether a particular class will be beneficial.  Please also consider your child’s ability to adhere to the behavioral rules of the after-school enrichment program.  

HOW TO ADD NEW PROVIDERS TO THE ENRICHMENT CALENDAR: The Lafayette PTA’s objective is to facilitate the offering of high-quality after-school enrichment programs based on the needs of the community.  Do you have a suggestion or would like to see an after-school enrichment class at Lafayette?  Here are the steps on how to add or suggest a class:

  1. Work with the Lafayette PTA after-school enrichment coordinator to identify an after-school enrichment class that you would like to bring to Lafayette.
  2. Enrichment provider applies for a memorandum of understanding (MOU) through SFUSD.  MOU gets signed by the school administration.
  3. Enrichment provider is granted district approval after passing comprehensive reviews which includes fingerprints, background checks, TB testing and proof of insurance.
  4. Enrichment provider is accepted into the after-school enrichment based on community needs, approval by administration and classroom availability.
  5. After school enrichment classes must meet attendance requirements set by the provider and can be canceled at the provider’s and/or administration’s discretion.

By participating in the after-school enrichment classes at Lafayette, you agree to the after-school enrichment guidelines.