Parent FAQ

My student is new to Lafayette. What supplies do I need to have for the first day of school?
You will want to send your child with a backpack, a lunch bag, and a reusable water bottle, all labeled with the student’s name and contact number. Each school year, the PTA gives all teachers a set amount to use toward school and classroom supplies. Your child’s teacher will let you know if you need to bring any additional items to school.

When and where should I drop off my student at school?
School begins at 7:50 am. The children line up by classroom in the school yard and listen to morning announcements, recite the pledge of allegiance and the pledge of respect and then head to their classrooms. Play yard supervision begins 7:30 am, and students may not be left unattended at school before then.

When and where should I pick up my student at school?
For Kindergarten students, school ends at 1:45 pm. They will be escorted by their teachers to the school entrance on the Anza side of the building. For all other grades, school ends at 1:50 pm. Students will be escorted to the play yard where they can be picked up. If your student attends an after-school program, they will go directly to the program.

What about pick up and drop off on rainy days?
On rainy mornings, students will go directly to the cafeteria at drop off instead of the play yard. They will walk to the classroom from the cafeteria with their teacher. Afternoon pickup will be at the child’s classroom instead of the play yard.

What is Stop, Drop & Go?
Stop, Drop & Go is a program run by the parents to allow students to be dropped off by car in front of the school safely and efficiently. Anyone dropping off a student may use Stop, Drop & Go. Parent volunteers will be waiting on the Anza entrance side of the school to open car doors and make sure the student safely exits the vehicle. Please follow all cones and traffic rules to keep volunteers and students safe. Each classroom takes turns manning the program for a week. Parents will be asked to take a 20-minute shift twice a year to keep the program running.

I need to pick up my student early. How do I arrange that?
If you need to pick up your student before the school day ends, you will need to go to the office and the office staff will call your student’s classroom to have your student brought down to the office. Do not go directly to the classroom. You will need to be listed as someone who is approved to pick up the student on the student’s Emergency Contact card that is filled out at the beginning of each school year. Please bring I.D. so your identity can be verified by office staff. If you know ahead of time that you will be picking up the student early, notify the teacher as well.

What about missing school for vacation time?
The SF Unified School District policy is that there are no planned excused absences for vacations. Please talk to the office for specific information on this matter.

I am coming to the school to volunteer or meet with someone. What is the visitor’s policy?
All visitors must check in at the office and leave I.D. You will receive a visitor’s badge to wear during your visit. Check out and retrieve your I.D. when you leave the school.

If my student is late to school, what do I need to do?
Students are considered tardy after 7:55 am. If your student is tardy, she or he must be signed in on the Tardy List that is on the table outside the office. Your child must also fill out and bring a Late Pass to the classroom and give it to the teacher. If your student is chronically tardy, you will need to speak with the Principal as it is very disruptive to the classroom when students arrive late.

My student is sick and cannot come to school. What do I do?
Please call the office and let them know. Tell them your student’s first and last name and their teacher’s name or room number so the office can notify the teacher.

My student has lice. What do I do?
If your student has lice, they must be treated and cleared of lice before returning to school. There are several resources online to explain step-by-step instructions for eradicating lice. A Parent Guide To Head LIce

What happens in an emergency, such as an earthquake?
Your student will be kept safe at school. If it is not safe to be in the building, students will be kept safe in the play yard. Students will only be released to adults with ID who are listed on the authorized release list on the student’s emergency card that is filled out at the beginning of each school year.

I need to change my address, contact info, or emergency info.
Contact the school office and they will give you a new form. There is a form online here.

Where can I find out information on school hot lunches?
The SFUSD website has information on school lunches.

What is the play structure policy?
Each classroom has at least 2 turns on the play structure each week. The schedule is posted inside the door near the flagpole. No one is allowed on the play structure during pick up.

My student lost something at school. Is there a lost and found?
Yes, the lost and found is located at the bottom of the stairs in the center of the school. They can be accessed from the main hallway or from the play yard.

How can I get involved with the school or classroom?
There are many ways to be involved. See this link to find out more.

Where can I find out about after school programs?
We have some information here. You can also contact the office.

Where can I find out information on after-school enrichment?
There are several after-school enrichment programs available for sign up each trimester. The information on these programs and how to sign up is available online and the schedule is sent home with the student and/or emailed to the parent at the beginning of each trimester.