School Loop

Q. What is School Loop? FAQS

A. School Loop is a web-based communication system for K-12 schools that keeps everyone in the loop.  The program provides visibility and communication to members of a student’s educational team, which includes teachers, administrators, parent/guardians, counselors, staff members, as well as after school support professionals.

The classroom portal is a place where your students and their families can access important information regarding a teacher’s classroom. They can see information about homework, attendance, and grades at anytime from anywhere with an Internet connection.


Q. Who Can Use School Loop?

A. Members of the San Francisco Unified School District community are welcome to use School Loop. Members include teachers, students, parents, guardians, administrators, staff members, and other members of the SFUSD learning community.


Q. Is School Loop free for me to use?

A. Yes! If your school is using School Loop, you are either automatically registered or can register, in the case of parents, and use the program at no cost to you.


Q. How do I find my site’s School Loop page?

A. Lafayette’s School loop is located here: